The Objectors – Jones Town Dub LIVE @ Poco Loco

The Objectors – Jones Town Dub Live @ Poco Loco Chatham – 25th January 2015
Andy – Rhythm guitar


Ryan – Lead Guitar

Matt- Melodica / organ,

Jim- Harmonica,

Heather – Drums

Album Release: Overruled


After an enjoyable and yet somewhat painful process we present our debut album Overruled.

Thank you to everyone involved in the creation of this album. Jah Bless everyone of you.

Special heads up to Obi Wan for the art and photography.

Available on digital download from the assorted mediums below. CD copies on sale very soon.


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New Single: Jah-rusalem

Hello all you readers,

It’s been a while since our first venture due to numerous equipment issues, adulthood, working for the man and the desire to create a sound we enjoy ourselves whilst not producing material for the mere sake of it.

Now with much love please choose your preferred audio interface and turn the jive box up to 11 as we present a stomping one drop jingle regarding a small section of society in Blighty.


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