July Gigs 2014

The Objectors would like to thank the following for joining us on a mental month of gigs. There’s been blood, guitarists passing out, mud, rain, ALOT of rain! disconcerting looks, clapping (thankfully) shit & giggles and some awesome words of support! We doff our caps to thee Wolfgang Riot Sharon AustinBarge GillinghamHomespun & Oliver BurgessFizzer’s Radio Show (Official)) – Phil DillonObi WanBecca Cunningham-Obee & The VW festival!Next Gig is Poco Loco on the 29th August!
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June 16th 2014 featuring The Objectors

The Objectors On Fizzer’s Radio Show!

Fizzer's Radio Show


On this show we were joined by the plentiful sound of The Objectors WOW!! Big bold brass and funky.

I don’t do reviews but if I had to describe them it would be like a warm milk being poured over some angry bread.

The pun game was religion based and therefore not as popular as the previous weeks football fest! Who’d a knew?

The Rochester Film Society’s Anne-Marie was once again subjected to my description of a film and this week I was a little more naughty than usual…



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Album Release: Overruled


After an enjoyable and yet somewhat painful process we present our debut album Overruled.

Thank you to everyone involved in the creation of this album. Jah Bless everyone of you.

Special heads up to Obi Wan for the art and photography.

Available on digital download from the assorted mediums below. CD copies on sale very soon.


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